Renewing Itself Every Moment 1

To sense like an artist, is to feel liberated. The wisdom of freedom that mediate an artist can never be traded for a few cents more. Crafting an art is like escaping from his own, which is essential for designing a historic craft. Which is why, it was so important for Borrindo  to work with the Craftsman of sillanwali, Colony in Sargodha, Punjab.  The colony is a resettlement of Mughal- artists who practice lacquer art, Persian art, wooden carving and other crafts. This business provides occupation to above two hundred craftsman in rural areas and produce significant foreign exchange for the country, crafting special masterpieces made of wood carvings, hand printed lacquer art and a wide range of crafts  produced in sillanwali. Although, it remains largely split and unorganized; facing from lack of education, less resources, and poor experience to new technologies. Borrindo is creating source of revenue chains for craftsmen via ability & design maturity trainings.

On the other side, the handicrafts industry is still dealing with  discrimination and resistance amongst craftsman against newer practices as well as customers in general. Handicrafts has became a showpiece because of non daily use items but unless we develop it a everyday use item, this sector will find it very hard target market space .People fail to appreciate that any handmade craft that they develop is truly craft by softer palms, not iron wheels. So Design, as extensively identified as a dominant soft ability, is a notion that has to be unmarked and keep on altering, not only on the surface but on the substantial aspect of the artifact too.

Currently,  we are engaged with six artisans and designing ladies bag according to new techniques and styles .Borrindo believes that without adopting modern styles and techniques, we cannot protect our handicraft, so we need to commercialize this sector. We hope to be able to feature Pakistani art and craft in its most unique and contemporary form and bring it closer to people across the world.