Lacquer work has always been renowned and accepted in the history of Indo-Pak continent . It was originated in a Mughal family in Moza Jalalabad, Tehsil Kethel District Kernal (India) in 1710. This place was also the centre for the commencement of Handicraft Art in Indo-Pak continent.

Lacquer art is a very classy hand work on wooden piece with attractive colors by a skillful artist. The lacquer art manufacturing starts with the collection and cutting of personalized pieces of a sophisticated Rose wood (Sheesham). The wooden pieces are formed into different designs and sizes on lathe machine through conventional iron tools. Development of lacquer work is a fragile process which starts with raw wooden pieces like show plates and small boxes. The wooden piece is refined and then painted with lacquer in layers of diverse colors (usually in three or four colors).The layers are consecutively coated completely on each other for example blue color is used first then yellow color is encrusted on blue and finally the red color is coated on yellow. The final color which can be seen on the timber piece is red which is fluently removed by the artisan in a way that the second coated color which is yellow becomes important with a design on it. This can be skillfully done by blade scratching expertise. Similarly, if the Craftsman wants to make the blue color more noticeable in design then the process remains the same. It is the scratching ability of the Craftsman which makes a momentous difference in the lacquer art to make attractive designs on wooden pieces.

It is our dilemma that we have not concern with our Lacquer heritage; however few cultural relating organizations are doing this job on limited scale.. Handicrafts of Lacquer Art market is in growing stage, Pakistani handicrafts especially handicrafts of Sillanwali failed to attain the status of an industry while most of the developing countries are pacing very rapidly and some countries are operating this sector as an industry like India Indonesia & Malaysia.

so now Borrindo is going to introduce a online store, which would be specifically for antique and unique things like wooden craftsmanship. Our brand will be a purpose driven towards upholding thousands years old heritage of handmade wooden craft in the region connecting it with world, where handmade items are still treated as very high value antiques. Borrindo Believes that Lacquer and wood craft industry has a great potential to enhance the household economy of rural areas in Sillanwali. Mostly people associated with this industry don’t have huge capita to expand their business on massive level , so our online Platform which is Borrindo will provide the opportunity to local Lacquer artisans,  that they can target a huge market and people, who really appreciate the craftsmanship and also ready to pay for wooden craft