Borrindo Shades of Craft 1

The Borrindo artwork reveal the versatility of lacquer as a medium used by Asian artists to create exotic Vases with colorful geometric patterns and oriental designs. Borrindo craft is not merely a craft but it lies in the definition of handicraft which makes it distinguished from other crafts.

Inspired from Achaemenids dynasty in ancient Persia, these masterpieces of Lacquer art are unique blend of wood carvings and Lacquer drawings. Exquisite use of deep colour variations and intensely felt curves on wood vases gives you a glimpse of contemporary fashion at the backdrop of unique Persian heritage.

Borrindo Shades of Craft 2



Manhor Das (Flower Vases):

Manohar das was an Indian Painter in Jahangir’s court. Inspired by his embellished paintings and lavish floral art, Borrindo introduces a complete line of exquisite handcrafted vases in Mughal Style. Wood pots with multicolored and  textured pottery are amazing choices when wanting a very exceptional take on your vases. Here are some of our favorites, whether for a reception entry table arrangement, a personal home decor piece, or to add some an attractive combination of vitality and glamour.

Borrindo Shades of Craft 3

Kaspar Brunner (Wooden Clocks):

Brunner was Swiss Mechanic known for crafting clocks. In honour of this great Swiss Clock Mechanic, we are lining up a complete range of searing wooden clocks. Covering Designs from 1860’s, blending of Oak and handcrafted Sheesham wood, crafting with diligent skill set and discovering contemporary designs, these wooden clocks contrasted with copper colored needles gives your places not time, but a history of it.


Borrindo Shades of Craft 4

Qajar Dynasty:

Celebrating the heritage of Qajar Dynasty and its love with Jewels, Borrindo introduces meticulous designer Jewel boxes. Designed on the same patterns Qajar princesses used to had, these Jewel boxes will make sure your lavish jewelry rests in a place it deserves. A perfect gift to someone very special close to your heart, these Jewel boxes exemplify your love to your dream princess.

Borrindo Shades of Craft 5We hope to be able to feature Pakistani art and craft in its most unique and contemporary form and bring it closer to people across the world.