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Though we have refused complimenting Pakistani artisanship, everything is not yet vanished. Now, a group of Pakistani startups has started taking initiatives to regain, distinguish and promote their heritage. Lahore-based is one of such startup.

Pakistan has had a liberal tradition of artisanship and craftsmanship, which went all the way back to the Indus Valley Civilization some 5,000 years ago. The Artisans of Pakistan were already using materials like wood, turquoise and faience, and converting and ornamenting them with carvings, dots, and patterns. All these antiquities are evidence to the craftsman’s genius and artisanship that was handed from one generation to another. Sadly, we have refused taking pride in Pakistani craftsmanship, for which we were recognized all over the world.

During a trip to sillanwali, Muhammad Hassan came across appealing cultural handmade craft of the area. Each piece of craft work, he saw mirrored the lives and stories of artisans. When Hassan explored the market, he established that there were very few administrations, which linked the gap between art makers and art lovers. Furthermore, craft creators also did not have enough means to platform their craft all over the world.

He, though, found the crafts costly. But after speaking to craftsman, he recognized the individuality of their craft design. He learnt that each piece of wood craft, they took 5–10 days to complete. He likewise cultured about the encounters they confronted.

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Celebrating the heritage of Indus valley and its love with art, Borrindo introduces meticulous designer Handbags. Designed on the same geometric patterns of Mughal culture with British colonial architecture, these handmade wooden bags would surely standout in your fashion accessories.

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Inspired by nature, Borrindo designed unique lively wooden bags, handcrafted with natural materials like rosewood, walnut, and deodar. Wooden purses, clutches and backpacks are ornamented with lacquer art, needlework and leather details. Each item is a piece of wearable art. In our designs, we tried to connect both of traditional and modern ideas but don’t break up with current fashion forms. In our opinion, wood and leather show us an ideal match.

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Now is linking a gap among Craft makers and craft lovers by eliminating mediators and directly conveying products to the end customer.”

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We are motivated on progressively combining our consumer base by constantly announcing a new series of handmade crafts according to demand of modern era by using artisans skills. So Borrindo introduces different lines of products which include ladies bags, Men shoes and wooden antiques.